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... a natural wine. Our wines are organically or biodynamically farmed, harvested by hand, fermented with only indigenous yeasts, made with nothing added or taken away in the cellar, and with only the smallest amount (from zero to 40 ppm) of additional sulfites before bottling to ensure a clean, precise taste.

Launched in 2017 as a distinct branch of the larger T. Edward portfolio, Bobo Selections was born out of our desire to embrace a larger cause. Beyond the palate, our wines speak to a sustainable worldview. They fit into a life of transparent, intentional, soulful practices and consumption that our farmers embody and that complements our own identity.


Launched in 2017 as a distinct collection of natural wines within the larger T. Edward portfolio, Bobo Selections was born out of our desire for a little more vino veritas.  Our name Bobo was taken from ancient and modern environmentally-conscious Parisian movements.  These values are reflected today in our own mission to seek out “Bobo” wines that transmit the soul of their soils and the mentality of the artisans who made them.


We view natural as an ecological state of mind, attuned to the health and well-being of each vineyard's complex ecosystem.  When practiced with dedication and care, it offers an indispensable approach to crafting wines of vibrancy, clarity, and purity of expression.

All wines that bear the Bobo label have been produced in limited quantities from hand-harvested, organically or bio-dynamically farmed grapes sourced from properties of fewer than ten hectares. Out of respect for the raw materials nature provides, our producers adopt a deliberately hands off stance in the cellar.